Brian Adkins

Brian Adkins

CrossFit Coach

Bench: 275
Clean & Jerk: 230
Deadlift: 425
OHS: 185
Front Squat: 325
Back Squat: 365


Crossfit Level 2
Crossfit Level 1

About Coach

In 2020 I walked back into a CrossFit class and immediately was welcomed. My fitness was nowhere near the level of the athletes at the gym, but that didn't make a difference to them, I was part of the community now. I am also in recovery from substance abuse disorder and the organization I participate with, Phoenix Multisport, gave me the opportunity to achieve my Level 1 credentials in Dec of 2021 and recently in late 2023 I was given a scholarship to get my Level 2 credentials. I currently coach on a weekly basis at CF Prevail and another gym. I find a high degree of pride in helping my athletes, no matter their current skill level, achieve things greater than they thought possible. I love to improve athletes' technique and skill in lifting as well as motivate them to push harder than they would push themselves. I am a veteran of the US Army (101st Airborne Division), so a quasi Drill Sergeant voice helps motivate!

Turning Point

My turning point occurred on September 18, 2019. That was the day I decided to no longer give alcohol and drugs a space in my life. I was always a heavy partier, but as life became harder with marriage failures and job woes, I sank further into the bottle to numb out from the pain I was feeling. But in hindsight, it was temporary relief, but it caused long-term pain. When I walked back into CrossFit in December 2020, it completely changed my life. I have fallen in love with CrossFit. The fitness, the competition, the community, all of it. It is more than a "gym" to me, it is a community. The person I was prior to 9/18/2019 is a far cry from who I am now, and what I have accomplished in fitness and in life is totally attributable to the focus I have put into my CrossFit training. I see CrossFit as a tool to push myself harder. To suffer through grueling workouts because it makes me stronger inside and outside the gym. It teaches me I can overcome difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible challenges. Now instead of short-term pleasure for long-term pain (addiction), I choose short-term pain for long-term gain (CrossFit). I recover out loud, so if I am asked about my addiction and recovery, I will gladly share. If someone needs help, I can help guide them. In recovery and in CrossFit, I am a Coach.

Motivation & Passion

Simply put others. I believe everyone should live their best life. And we are able to live our best life by keeping our mind, body, and soul strong. CrossFit is a way to strengthen all of these areas of our life. My coaching style and personality may come across as hard to some, but it is with genuine compassion and love for pushing my athletes passed their self-constructed barriers. I will push you not to quit, push you to add some more weight, and push you to try the next hardest level up. Let's succeed together!

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