Gabriella Motter

Gabriella Motter

Coach Gabs

I am proud of any workout where I can showcase my ability to do aerobic tests, squats, and even BURPEES!


Sport Management Degree

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

My life has always been based on fitness. I truly love moving my body and seeing what I am capable of. Throughout my life, I tried many different types of sports. However, the one that truly stuck with me was soccer. I was blessed enough to play from a young age and through my college years at North Greenville University. It was after college that I realized I needed to find my next "thing". It was then I learned about CrossFit and I instantly fell in love. I was extremely interested in the competitive side of things and ready to see myself enter this side of fitness. I have seen myself accomplish things I never thought I could do, it has made me eager to see what I can do!

Turning Point

As a woman, I have learned that my body is so much more capable than I give it credit for. However, with this, I have to take care of it. I thought the only way a woman could be beautiful was to be thin. As I have gotten older I have realized that is in no way true. Today I crave to eat more food that takes care of me, exercise to help my body develop, and lift weights to get stronger. I also deeply appreciate the help it provides to my mental health. My mental capacity and ability to think and push through have gotten better! I see that beauty takes shape in many different ways. The transitions our bodies go through as we age deserve proper care and support. CrossFit takes care of my body in many different aspects.

Motivation & Passion

I have seen what a great coach can do for others and I genuinely want to have that relationship with others. Intentionality means the world to me and I think when people want to better themselves they deserve a person who is in their corner. Many people are ready to start, however, when it comes to actually putting it into practice it can become overwhelming. As a coach, I want to help others work towards the lifestyle they want. My hope is to show others what CrossFit has to offer to every individual, you just have to be willing to work!

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